Daycare Center Cleaning Service in New Hope, PA

The sanitation and environment in a daycare center is too important to leave to infrequent or untrained cleaning services. At Daycare Cleaning Services, we are your trained and professional daycare center cleaning service in New Hope, PA! We specialize in cleaning services for child care and educational centers, including pre-schools, elementary schools, private schools and daycare centers. We provide first class, exceptional cleaning services that meet safety standards, at a cost your facility’s budget can afford.

Why A Professional New Hope Daycare Cleaning Service?

When you don’t have essential and effective cleaning procedures in place at your educational or daycare facility, you may find that your school isn’t as sanitary as it should be. Millions of children in the U.S. miss school days each year to the flu, and elementary school age kids catch colds or flu an average of 8-10 times each school year. Sick kids also make for sick teachers and staff, which incurs a cost to the school in missed time and substitute teachers.

A clean environment plays a pivotal role in keeping students and teachers healthy. Germs are often transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching one’s face. Germ hotspots include cold water faucets, water fountains, toilet seats and others, and special attention should be paid to the frequency and proper cleaning of those areas. With school budgets always being strained, this can be a problem for both public and private schools.

DCCS uses a standardized cleaning approach for your facility, that includes effective and proven techniques, along with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to your center’s unique needs. Our employees are trained in standards set by OSHA and other federal agencies, and our supervisors are actively involved in your services, with frequent on-site visits and availability for any additional needs.

We’d be happy to tell you more about why we’re your effective and affordable choice for a daycare center cleaning service in New Hope, and how we can keep your center safe and sanitary for young children and staff. Reach out to us today or click here to request a quote…we’ll meet with you for an initial consultation, and show you how we keep facilities sanitary and safer for everyone!

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