Mercer County Cleaning Service for Daycare Facilities

Daycare Cleaning Services is here to answer your need for a Mercer County cleaning service for daycare facilities. We specialize in cleaning services for child care centers, pre-schools, elementary schools, private schools, and other educational and healthcare facilities throughout the area. We’re dedicated every day to providing safe and efficient janitorial and sanitary services at a fair cost.

We use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products, proven safe cleaning methods, and top of the line cleaning and maintenance equipment.

Our Mercer County Daycare Cleaning Services

We handle a variety of cleaning tasks on a daily basis and more, including:

Bathrooms (sinks, tubs and toilets)
Infant/toddler spaces
Diaper changing spaces
Sitting rooms and playrooms
Cafeterias and lounges
Furniture fixtures
Garbage removal and recycling
Outside maintenance

In addition, we spot clean, vacuum, and disinfect carpets daily, including inspecting the condition of your carpets during your initial consultation to see if they need replacing. On a periodic basis (monthly or quarterly), we shampoo your carpets and strip and wax your floors to maintain a high gloss shine.


Our founder, Rob Nestore, started Daycare Cleaning Services in 2001 to provide first class and healthy environmental services to educational facilities, where it’s needed most. The company has grown from a small South Jersey startup to a regional company, with top facilities like Nobel Learning and Goddard Schools trusting their cleaning services to us. Our management staff and cleaning personnel are certified and come from credited backgrounds, and they are trained in both environmental service and customer courtesy.

Reach out to us today or fill out the form below to set up a no-cost, no obligation consultation to determine your facility’s cleaning needs, and see how we can keep your center clean, healthy and safe. We’re happy to tell you more about what makes us the trusted choice in Mercer County cleaning service for daycare facilities!

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