Childcare 2021

Well 2021 is here and the biggest question has been how are childcare centers going to increase their enrollment ? With many states mandating limited enrollments , what can most centers do to ensure that they are prepared and ready for the day we are all back to a normal and safe environment ? Well that first thing to implement is a 5 day a week cleaning program to insure that place has been sanitized and disinfected daily. Some preschools are small and may not have a budget for daily services . When this is the case we recommend that each center purchase an electrostatic sprayer to be used daily. If you have used an outside cleaning service , be sure they are well versed with all the approved chemicals and proper cleaning procedures .In the past you may have viewed the cleaning services as an expense , but now view it as a marketing tool. When prospects find out what your program is they may just choose your center over the center that is still trying to clean their school 2 days per week .