Daycare Cleaning Advice From ISSA

Daycare Cleaning Advice From ISSA

As any owner of a daycare center knows, daycare centers require specialized cleaning services, and have to meet higher standards than most other entities. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry throughout the world. They offer valuable cleaning guidelines for daycare centers, as well as establish standards for cleaning of various facilities.

ISSA Cleaning Tips For Daycare Centers

Below are some recommendations from the ISSA for daycare cleaning:

Have a Cleaning Plan in Place. Your cleaning service should have a comprehensive plan in place that includes specific tasking, scheduling, and responsibilities. This should include daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Use Safe and Effective Cleaning Products. The cleaning products your provider uses should be safe for children, while effectively removing germs and pathogens. Cleaning products should also be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. In addition, cleaning providers should follow manufacturer instructions for dilution and application.

Focus on High Touch Surfaces. Your cleaning provider should pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including doorknobs, light switches, play equipment, restroom fixtures, tables and chairs. These should be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

Implementing Regular Disinfection Practices. It’s important to clean surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectant products. Cleaning providers should disinfect surfaces multiple times a day, especially during flu season or during outbreaks of contagious illnesses.

Promote Hand Hygiene. To encourage children and staff to keep their hands clean, your cleaning service should offer easy access to handwashing stations. These stations should include soap, water, and disposable towels or hand dryers. There should also be signage and reminders to wash hands for 20 seconds and to dry them thoroughly.

Maintain Cleanliness in Play Areas. For frequently used play areas, cleaning services should be sure to sanitize toys, play mats, and other play equipment. There are non-toxic disinfectants that are appropriate for toys. Your cleaning service should also rotate toys, and ensure that all items are regularly cleaned.

Address Spills and Accidents. Whenever there is a spill or an accident, a daycare center should be ready to prevent cross-contamination. It’s important to use appropriate cleaning products, and personal protective equipment to handle bodily fluids.

Train Staff on Cleaning Procedures. Your staff should be aware of proper cleaning procedures, including what products to use and how to use them, safety precautions, and infection control. A daycare center should regularly review and reinforce cleaning procedures.

Monitor Cleaning Performance. Conduct quality checks and inspections to ensure that the daycare center is meeting cleaning standards, and check for any areas of improvement. This includes asking parents and staff for feedback.

Following these ISSA guidelines can help ensure that your daycare center stays compliant, and offer a safe and healthy environment for children and staff.

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