What Is The ISSA and Is Your Cleaning Company A Member?

What Is The ISSA and Is Your Cleaning Company A Member?

If you own or represent a daycare center, you undoubtedly understand the importance of keeping children and faculty safe. That means that your professional cleaning service should meet the highest of standards, and should carry all of the necessary certifications. Is your cleaning company a member of the ISSA? It’s something you should look into.

What Is The ISSA?

The ISSA is the International Sanitary Supply Association. It is a worldwide organization that represents the cleaning industry. The ISSA works in networking, education and advocacy in the cleaning and janitorial sectors. The organization started in 1923; today it’s a leading authority. The ISSA offers resources, training programs, certifications and industry best practices.

ISSA works with and caters to manufacturers, distributors, facility managers, building service contractors, and residential cleaning companies. Its mission is to promote the values of cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability, and advance the interests of its members.

Some ISSA functions include:

Education and Training. The ISSA features courses, seminars, and certifications to improve the skills of cleaning professionals.

Networking Opportunities. ISSA connect industry stakeholders with each other through trade shows and conferences.

Advocacy and Standards. The organization represents the industry’s interests through legislative and regulatory issues, and promotes the improvement of cleaning standards.

Research and Resources. ISSA produces publications on a regular basis with the latest research, and helps with decision making throughout the industry.

Global Presence. With the ISSA, members can operate internationally through activities across the globe. They work to promote collaboration and exchange.

The ISSA plays an important role in the industry, promoting professionalism, sustainability, and excellence. It also works to promote the interests of its members, and helps them meet their evolving needs.

Need Daycare Cleaning Services in NJ, PA, or DE?

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