Preventing Winter Illness in Daycare Centers

Preventing Winter Illness in Day Care Centers

When the temperature gets particularly cold, viruses and illnesses can spread more easily, and there’s often an increase in colds and flu among children. Preventing winter illness in daycare centers is vitally important, and there should be an increased focus on a safe environment.

Ways To Prevent Winter Illnesses in Daycare Centers

Below are a few ways that daycare centers can provide a safer environment for children and staff during winter months:

Hand Cleaning. Daycare centers should emphasize the importance of hand cleaning to children and staff. They should make sufficient hand sanitizer available, and encourage its use, especially after someone coughs, sneezes, or uses the restroom.

Respiratory Hygiene. During daycare sessions, staff and children should cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing. Facilities should have plenty of tissues and disposal bins available, and encourage the proper disposal of tissues and immediate hand washing.

Sanitary Environment. The facility should take the time to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as toys and play equipment. Cleaning should also emphasize doorknobs and light switches. They should disinfectant cleaners that are proven effective in fighting viruses and bacteria.

Ventilation. It’s important to open windows if possible and install air purifiers to keep out airborne viruses. A daycare center should also keep a comfortable indoor temperature to prevent the spread of infections.

Health Policies. A daycare facility should have policies in place to protect children and staff. Parents should keep sick children at home, and staff should be trained in recognizing symptoms of illness and to act accordingly.

Proper Nutrition. If a daycare center includes meals through the day, they should consists of healthier items that help build immune systems.

Personal Items. Daycare centers should encourage children to bring their own blankets, water bottles, etc. This helps to reduce germ transmission.

These are the basic measure a daycare center should use during the winter months to help reduce transmission of viruses, and to help keep children, staff and employees healthy and safe.

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