Disinfecting a Daycare Center Following Illness

Disinfecting a Daycare Center Following Illness

If there is an illness outbreak in your daycare center, disinfecting the facility is critical to prevent more spreading of germs and ensuring the health of children and staff. Below are some important tips for effectively disinfecting a daycare center following an illness outbreak:

Tips For Disinfecting A Daycare Center

Quarantine. Whenever possible, be sure to isolate sick children and staff to prevent further illness transmission. Be sure to follow public guidelines regarding quarantine periods.

Communication. Take the time to inform parents about the outbreak, and take care of any precautions. Keep parents informed on symptoms, prevention, and when their children can return to daycare.

Cleaning. Clean all of the surfaces, especially frequently touched surfaces like toys, using soap and water. Make sure to remove any visible dirt and debris.

Disinfection. Use an EPA-approved disinfectant to disinfect all of the cleaned surfaces. Be sure to pay extra attention to doorknobs, light switches, tabletops, toys and bathroom fixtures.

Ventilation. Keep windows open whenever possible and use fans to increase ventilation. This will help reduce airborne pathogens.

Laundry. Be sure to thoroughly wash any linens, blankets, and clothing that sick children have used. Wash the items with hot water and detergent, and use the highest heat setting for drying.

Restrooms. It’s important to thoroughly clean restrooms, especially toilets, sinks, faucets and door handles. Be sure that kids have ample soap and paper towels to use.

Food Prep Areas. If your daycare center has a kitchen or food area, be sure to clean and sanitize the entire area thoroughly.

Personal Protective Equipment. Use gloves and face masks to clean and disinfect to protect yourself from germs.

Cleaning and Monitoring. Take the time to establish a cleaning schedule, and to periodically check for cleanliness and compliance.

Preventative Measures. Encourage children and staff to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Ensure that plenty of hand sanitizer is available.

When you follow all of these steps thoroughly, you should be able to effectively disinfect your daycare center following an illness, and keep it safe for children and staff.

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