Cleaning a Daycare Center vs Cleaning an Office

Cleaning a Daycare Center vs Cleaning an Office

Since Daycare Cleaning Service is part of a multi-faceted cleaning company in the greater Philadelphia area, we sometimes get asked the difference between daycare centers and offices. Or specifically, cleaning a daycare center vs. cleaning an office, and the difference between the two.

Due to the nature of the spaces and their use, cleaning a daycare center as opposed to cleaning an office requires different approaches. Below is a comparison based on general principles and our experiences.


Important Factors For Cleaning A Daycare Center:

Sanitization. It’s vitally important to maintain a high level of cleanliness in daycare centers. Sanitization prevents the spread of germs and illnesses with children. Toys, tables, and other items children touch frequently require thorough cleaning on a daily basis.

Safety. When cleaning daycare centers, the products a service should use must be safe and environmentally friendly. Cleaning services should avoid harsh chemicals and follow specific guidelines.

Specialized Cleaning. It’s important in daycare centers to quickly clean up spills, remove stains from fabrics, and maintain outdoor areas. Cleaning services also need to spot clean and shampoo carpets on a frequent basis.

Attention to Details. All areas where children and faculty spend their time should be clean and safe. Dirt and germs can accumulate in hard to reach places, so cleaning services should pay special attention to finding the small corners.

Regular Inspection. A cleaning service should take on regular inspections and audits of cleaning techniques. This is to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.


Cleaning a Daycare Center vs Cleaning an OfficeImportant Factors For Cleaning An Office:

General Cleanliness. Offices require cleaning on a regular and frequent basis, for a professional and inviting environment for employees and visitors. A cleaning service should dust, vacuum, mop floors, and clean meeting places.

Focus on High Traffic Areas. Entryways, lobbies, corridors and meeting rooms require additional attention and more frequent cleaning to keep out dirt and stains.

Minimal Disruptions. Cleaning in an office environment requires that a service disrupt operations as little as possible, including working evenings or weekends as needed.

Electronics and Equipment. When cleaning electronics such as PCs, keyboards, telephones and other items, a cleaning service should take special care to thoroughly clean the items carefully to prevent the spread of germs.

Waste Management. It’s very important to ensure that waste and recycling is being taken care of frequently and regularly. Emptying trash bins is essential to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.


Overall, while both types of cleaning requires specific challenges, the priorities may be different from one type of facility to another. Cleaning an office vs. cleaning a daycare center requires focus on the difference, and customizing services to that facility’s needs.

Are you in need of a cleaning service for your daycare center in the greater Philadelphia area or South Jersey? DCCS is here for you…reach out to us today for a consultation, and let us show you how we do things differently. We’ll keep your environment sanitary and safe for everyone, and protect your reputation!

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