Will your Childcare Center Shine in 2022 ?

Its spring 2021, and many centers have reopened to at least 50% enrollment ! The main question is how can a childcare center prepare for when it can once again be at 100% capacity with a waiting list ? Daycare Cleaning Services, Inc recommends the following to help directors and owners in the process as we all rebuild the devastations of the covid-19 pandemic . First make sure your floors and carpets are looking amazing ! When directors are doing tours with potential parents and their children ,the first things everyone notices are the floors . We recommend that the floors be stripped & refinished in the spring as apposed to during it the week before Labor day !  Once stripped & refinished they should be burnished weekly. Carpet cleaning also should occur every three months , but also need to be spot cleaned daily when a spill occurs . The second most important suggestion is to have your center cleaned professional on a daily basis . This may be a challenge for small centers ,and centers that traditional did not have a budge for a five day a week service , but can now be viewed as a marketing tool ! another suggestion is to make sure that a mid-day trash/diaper pull occurs . Centers that don’t do this will have odors occur , and that last thing a director wants to happen is they walk into a classroom and the potential enroller smells odors. Last is the first impression of the school , which is the front entrance glass doors clean ?This is an on going problem with so many people entering and leaving  the building, so be prepared to have glass cleaner nearby . In addition , we recommend that a school purchase an electro static sprayer that is easy for everyone to use and can help ensure a safe environment for both staff, students, and parents . If you have any questions or needs further suggestions feel free to contact us at 1-856-874-1600