Cleaning Standards for Daycare Centers

Cleaning Standards for Daycare Centers

In the cleaning service business, it’s essential for professionals to be aware of cleaning standards for daycare centers. At Daycare Center Cleaning Services, we know the importance of maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for both children and staff, and we also know that there are stricter regulations when it comes to the cleaning of facilities dedicated to children.

Examples of Daycare Center Cleaning Standards

This is just a small list of cleaning requirements needed for daycare centers, and are a part of the high standards we keep at DCCS:

Daily cleaning. The entire daycare center must be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. This includes classrooms, bathrooms, and any areas where people congregate. The daily cleaning should include toys children play with, books they read, and other items.

Deep cleaning. In addition to daily cleaning, deep cleaning must be done on a periodic basis. All of the surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized, including floors, walls, and windows.

Availability of hand sanitizer. In daycare centers, emphasis is placed on children and faculty washing hands frequently, and a cleaning service should make hand sanitizer readily available at all times in common areas.

Food safety. Special attention needs to be paid to cleaning and sanitizing areas where food is prepared, to prevent contamination and other potential hazards.

Safe cleaning products. Any cleaning products to be used in a daycare center should be safe and non-toxic for children. In addition, cleaning products should be kept safely stored out of children’s reach.

These are just a few typical cleaning standards for daycare centers – there may be additional standards based on state regulations and specific daycare center needs.

If you are searching for a daycare center cleaning service that goes above and beyond the needed standards, and provides first class cleaning services at an affordable price, reach out to DCCS today for a consultation. We’ll be happy to look at your current cleaning services, see how they can be improved, and offer you a cleaning program that meets your standards and suits your budget. We’re looking forward to handling your cleaning needs…get started with us today!

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