Environmentally Friendly Daycare Center Cleaning Service

Environmentally Friendly Daycare Center Cleaning Service

At Daycare Cleaning Services, we believe in not only providing effective cleaning services for places where children spend their days, we’re also committed to being an environmentally friendly daycare center cleaning service. Using the right cleaning techniques and cleaning frequency is important, but so is making sure that we’re doing our part to protect our planet and using the right cleaning materials and equipment to do so.

Our service is specialized for daycare centers, and we customize our services to meet each of our clients’ needs and budget. We know how vital it is to keep a daycare center as free from germs as possible, but we also know the importance of using green cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals.

Our techniques include changing mop water on a frequent basis, using vacuums with HEPA filters, and supplying cleaning products with hospital-type dispensers. Our cleaning products are EPA-approved, and proven to be effective in fighting and removing bacteria and microorganisms. Our staff and management are trained in following federal cleaning standards set by OSHA.

DCCS’s commitment to both the cleanliness of schools and daycare centers, along with our dedication to protecting our planet, has helped us to build a customer base of well renowned daycare centers in the region, including Goddard Schools, Nobel Learning Communities, La Petite, Tutor Time/Child Time, The Learning Experience and many more. These locally established daycare centers have full confidence in our safe and effective cleaning practices.

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We’d be happy to tell you more about our green, non-toxic cleaning services and how we can improve on your current cleaning situation. Reach out to us today for a consultation to meet with us and find out more. We’re ready to provide a clean and safe environment for your facility’s children and staff!

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