Daycares Being Fined for Health Code Violations

Daycares Being Fined for Health Code Violations

You can often find stories about daycares being fined for health code violations. In the last year alone, there are stories about daycare centers from London, England, Santa Maria, CA, and even in New York City being fined and suspended for negligence in sanitation and other areas. We all want our children to be as safe as possible in daycare centers, and the sanitation of facilities is among the most important of considerations.

Different states have different levels of regulation regarding health code violations for daycare centers. Health code violations can range in severity, and the actions and statute changes from regulatory agencies can vary too.

In the northeast region including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, daycare centers are subject to periodic inspections to ensure that they are complying with health and safety regulations. Usually these inspections are conducted by state government agencies or health departments in the area. Penalties for health code violations can include fines and warnings, or if the violation is severe, an indefinite loss of the daycare provider’s license.

Your local and health department websites should have the latest information about what constitutes a health code violation and the related fines and enforcement. The local health department places a high priority on the safety of children in daycare centers, and any concerns you have should be reported to them.

Protect Your Daycare Center From Health Code Violations

If you own or represent a daycare center, it’s vitally important that you look after all of your sanitation needs, and that you contract with a cleaning and sanitation service that you trust. At Daycare Cleaning Services, we provide first class, thorough, and safe cleaning services for daycare centers throughout South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

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