What Are State Requirements for Daycare Centers in PA?

What are state requirements for daycare centers PA

State requirements for daycare centers in PA are determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS). A Daycare center operating in the state must follow the requirements to protect the health and safety of children attending the center.

Some of the state requirements for PA daycare centers include:

Licensing. The DHS in PA must issue a license to the owner of a daycare center to operate legally. The daycare center must meet health and safety requirements to be licensed.

Staffing. In PA, there must be an appropriate level of staffing based on the age of children attending, e.g. one staff member for four infants, one for six toddlers, etc.

Background Checks. All of the staff in a PA daycare center must pass a thorough background check, and be cleared from child abuse threats in ordered to be employed by the center.

Training. Daycare staff must complete at least 24 hours of training each year, over a range of topics such as child development, child abuse recognition, and health and safety.

In addition, a PA daycare center need to meet a minimum cleanliness requirement for the health and safety of the children. Cleanliness requirements include:

A Regular Cleaning Schedule. A daycare center must be cleaned on a regular basis, including sanitizing surfaces, toys, equipment and other items that children touch and play with frequently.

Illness Prevention. The daycare center’s cleaning service must take steps to ensure that the facility is disinfected, and that sick staff members and children stay home.

Food Preparation. The areas where food is prepared must be kept sanitary and safe and staff members must follow standard food preparation practices.

There is, in fact, much more regarding state requirements for daycare centers in PA, including programs for handwashing, pest control, diapering and other functions. For the full list, you can visit the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services website.

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