Early Childhood Education Places Increased Emphasis On Outdoor Learning

Early Childhood Education Places Increased Emphasis On Outdoor Learning

If you’ve been following education news, you may have noticed that schools are placing more emphasis on outdoor learning, especially in early childhood schools and daycare centers. Researchers have begun to see numerous benefits in outdoor experiences for children’s development. Below, we’ve listed some reasons why early childhood education places increased emphasis on outdoor learning.

Reasons For Emphasis on Outdoor Education in Early Childhood

Here are some of the reasons that educators are focusing more on offering an outdoor learning experience for young children:

Physical Development. Letting children play outdoors gives them exercise through running, jumping, climbing, etc. This helps children to develop motor skills, coordination and strength.

Cognitive Development. When children are outdoors, they have opportunities to explore, observe and engage with nature. This help them better understand science, mathematics, and the environment.

Social and Emotional Development. When playing outdoors, children learn about teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving. They also have an opportunity for emotional expression and social interaction.

Health and Well-Being. Being outdoors offers exposure to fresh air and natural light, which helps children’s overall health and well-being. In addition, outdoor activities reduce stress and anxiety.

Environmental Awareness. Being outside frequently helps children learn environmental stewardship, and appreciation for the natural world.

Sensory Learning. Being outdoors can help children feel different textures, smell flowers, and hear birds chirping, which aids in sensory development.

Holistic Development. Outdoor learning addresses children’s needs when it comes to physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

In addition to providing outdoor learning that assists children’s development on so many levels, the COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted the importance of outdoor spaces and safer learning environments.

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