Daycare Centers Taking Measures to Stop COVID-19

Daycare Centers Taking Measures to Stop COVID-19

If you are a parent of a young toddler, you may have been made aware in the news about daycare centers taking measures to stop COVID-19. The goal, obviously, is the safety and health of children, staff and families.

What Daycare Centers Are Doing To Stop COVID-19

A daycare center can implement a variety of measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including:

Increased Cleaning and Sanitation Methods. A daycare center can take extra care to thoroughly clean all surfaces, toys and high touch areas, as well as using disinfectants that are effective in stopping the virus. They can also implement more frequent hand washing.

Health Screenings. It’s relatively simple to do temperature checks for children and staff before they enter a facility. Staff can also perform daily health assessments to check for symptoms, and exclude anyone who has had recent exposure to a confirmed case.

Reduced Class Sizes. Having smaller class sizes makes social distancing easier, and with the same group of children kept together, this minimizes cross-contact.

Face Coverings. Most daycare facilities will require students and staff to wear masks, especially if social distancing is more challenging.

Increased Ventilation. With better air filtration and ventilation, a daycare center can improve the air quality in a facility and help to fight infection.

Hand Sanitizer Availability. In addition to hand washing measures, a daycare center can make hand sanitizer more readily available and encourage its use.

Activity Modifications. A facility can restructure its activities to help minimize close contact with children, as well as spreading out cribs and nap mats.

Emergency Response Plans. A daycare facility should have a plan in place to respond to a confirmed case, including contact tracing and notification of affected families.

These are just a few of methods of daycare centers taking measures to stop COVID-19. In most all regions, but especially more populated ones, there is a high emphasis on increased cleaning measures, protocols, and availability of sanitation products.

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