New Law in Arizona Could Mean More Money for Private Daycare Centers

New Law in Arizona Could Mean More Money for Private Daycare Centers (2)

While the idea hasn’t gone nationwide yet, there’s a new law in Arizona that could ultimately mean more money for private daycare centers around the country.

The state of Arizona recently expanded its school voucher program, and while it has some opposition, the growing popularity of school vouchers could result in more such expansion in other states. According to the New York Times, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa and Utah have also adopted school voucher programs, and Indiana and Ohio are expanding their voucher programs as well.

In Arizona, the new law means that each student is eligible for a state voucher worth $7,200 annually, which parents can use at the school of their choice. Many parents are using the vouchers to send their children to private and religious schools, rather than public schools. The program was initially targeted in areas where schools had received low grades, but it was expanded to include all students in the state.

As these programs continue to expand, they may grow in other states as well. The Arizona school choice program has grown quickly, indicating its strong popularity with parents, and this in turn creates demand for more private schools and daycare centers.

So what does all of this mean for private daycare centers? If school vouchers are adopted in their state, they could see significant growth and a large increase in enrollment. But with that growth comes competition, as more private schools and daycare centers emerge to compete for parents’ voucher dollars.

Yes, private daycare centers stand to potentially make more money given the success of Arizona’s school choice program, but they will also need to stay competitive. That means offering an effective curriculum, carefully screening teachers and caregivers, and ensuring that their facility is safe for children.

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