Halloween Parties at Preschools

This Friday many of our preschools & daycare centers will be celebrating Halloween . Many classrooms will host cupcake parties , watch scary movies ,and have bags of treats for the children . Afterwards , most childcare centers will have a Halloween parade , and custom contest  were parents will take pictures of the children . Some important recommendations that I would like to make on this day ,is that after lunch is a trash pull should occur . I actually like to see trash pulls occur everyday after lunch ! Anyway , many parents will be entering the school both before and after the parade . It is important that there be extra supplies kept in each adult restroom , remember almost every parent and maybe some relatives will be visiting their child so be prepared !Also it may be a good idea to have a few extra trash cans outside of the building or in the area the Halloween parade is happening.  We need the school to look GREAT , remember word of mouth is the best form of advertisement and recommendations about your school by other parents are the best !