Kids are Back in Schools-Delta Variant

As we approach the end of 2021 , we continue to keep our schools & childcare centers safe with social distancing and disinfecting . Many businesses are continue to struggle to stay open ,and everyone is taking precautions on a daily basis . The question remains is what else can be done as we battle Covid-19 . Many people have received the vaccination ,and we still have a fear that we can contract this deadly disease ! It is more important then ever for centers to implement a 5 day a week cleaning program. Some recommendations we have are cleaning restrooms throughout the day . In addition we no longer just like to use a neutral cleaner on the floors . Children like to crawl on floors , so we have switched over to a disinfectant when cleaning the floors. This battle has everyone involved ,and we continue to explore new methods and products as we face this on-going challenge . I’d like to hear what your center may be doing as we continue to face this enemy of the world . I can be emailed at