Keep Your School Clean this Holiday Season

Colds and viruses spread more rapidly during this time of year.  Unfortunately, this means your school will contain many germs resulting in a higher absence of staff and students.  While we can’t completely stop the spread of germs, there are some things we can do to help keep our schools as clean as possible.  Do you frequently wipe down desks at the end of each day? Are teachers and students constantly washing their hands or using hand sanitizer?  These are small, but important actions teachers and students can take on during the day.  There are several other ways to keep your school clean and that’s where our team takes over.  Here at Daycare Cleaning Services, we make sure to disinfect the common areas in the classroom.  Keyboards, light switches, door handles, faucets, stairway railings, and chairs sometimes are forgotten about during the sanitation process.  We pay extra close attention to these areas during the cleaning process, and you can too!