Non-Toxic Daycare Center Cleaning Service

Non-Toxic Daycare Center Cleaning Service

In daycare centers, special attention needs to be paid to maintaining a safe and sanitary environment, including using safe techniques and cleaning products. Daycare Cleaning Services is dedicated to being a non-toxic daycare center cleaning service – we don’t just keep your daycare environment sanitary for children and staff, we make sure that we are using the proper equipment, safe techniques, and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

A basic janitorial service often does not have the capability to meet the unique needs of daycare centers. A clean and safe environment matters not just for the health of the children, but also to your center’s reputation and image. And as we’ve recently learned, we can’t underestimate the importance of a sanitary atmosphere for children.

When we have a consultation with prospective clients, we review all of their current cleaning services. Does the cleaning service use microfiber mops? Do they use Back Pack vacuums with Hepa filters? How often are the carpets getting cleaned? Are the carpets that kids play on every day absorbing dirt and germs?

Most importantly, is the current service using the right cleaning products? At DCCS, we only use cleaning materials that are hospital grade and approved by the EPA. We use high quality disinfectant chemicals to fight bacteria and disease, and these products are all U.S. regulated for safety. Our green cleaning products are devoid of harsh chemicals.

We ensure that our employees are educated on state and federal standards, including OSHA regulations. We recognize the importance of frequently changing mop water, cleaning mop heads, and understanding which cleaning product is best for each task.

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Our mission every day is to protect the health and safety of children who spend their days in daycare centers. That isn’t just about keeping a facility clean; it’s about being a fully non-toxic daycare center cleaning service, doing the job properly, and ensuring that equipment, materials and products are safe to use.

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